The annual financial statements are prepared in compliance with the provisions of German commercial law and tax law. Two different balances need to be prepared, first and foremost the balance sheet, and last but not least the tax balance, given the fact that Tax law and commercial law are increasingly diverging as a result of tax-hike legislation.


Accounting is becoming increasingly important for optimising the situation between demonstrating economic strength on the one hand, and showing low income to reduce the tax burden on the other hand. WITT | Wirtschaftsprüfer, Rechtsanwälte und Steuerberater will support you on this difficult task with the necessary sensitivity and find the right solution for your needs. If requested, we also arrange and manage your bank relation and related problems.


As a part of your preparation for the financial statements, we formulate these certificates depending on the intensity of the specific financial statement audit. Credit institutions often demand financial statements with plausibility assessments, which can range from simple certifications for financial statements without certain examinations to certifications, which are close to the quality of an audit certificate through the extensive auditing procedures.

Annual Financial Statement


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