For every investment, the return and risk should be in a reasonable relationship correlated to the personal circumstances and ideas of the investor. On the market, however, the investor is often confronted with suppliers and intermediaries, who are primarily interested to distribute their permission intensive products. As a result, promises are often made, which are unfulfillable, if developments change negatively. If this is the case, investors might ask themselves if they have to accept such circumstances. If it turns out that he has been deficient or deceived consulted, damage claims and back-up claims can be considered. Not only the issuer but also initiators, intermediaries and, last but not least, the bank are to be considered as a substitute liable to pay compensations.


WITT | Wirtschaftsprüfer, Rechtsanwälte und Steuerberater advises you in such situations to examine the chances of a complaint and take over the often complex processes, some of which are characterized by considerable counter-measures, while our experience in banking law benefits us. As credit institutions are also part of our clients, the procedures and legal bases are also very familiar to us. We therefore accompany you in credit negotiations and prepare your documents in collaboration with our auditors and tax advisors. In this respect, financing advice is also part of our services portfolio in the event of investments, acquisitions and sales as well as restructuring efforts.

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