Intellectual property rights are becoming increasingly important in the knowledge society. As it is often the case in these legal areas, a rapid response is required. WITT | Wirtschaftsprüfer, Rechtsanwälte und Steuerberater advises you in the same way as in the development of intellectual property strategies, the drafting of contracts as well as the registration and defending of protective rights such as trademarks, patents, titles, patterns of use or designs for Germany, the EU and internationally. As a defense measure, we are always keen to appeal injunctive claims and to secure your royalties. We also pursue and advise in cases of product and brand piracy, from border seizure to destruction.


Competition Law

Classic advice on competition law begins with your advertising campaigns, which are usually your website or other advertising measures such as flyers, e-mail circulars or advertisements. As a client or advertising agency, WITT | Wirtschaftsprüfer, Rechtsanwälte und Steuerberater highly recommends you to have legal advices early in your campaign practice because the competition law is very complicated to be simply understood. For example, it specifically requires contracts to be adapted through the UWG (Gesetze gegen unlauteren Wettbewerb; Laws against unfair competition) reforms, and contract execution has also been under scrutiny since 2009.


Trademark Law

Trademark law covers all trade marks used by companies, whether registered or unregistered, the name of the company, domains, advertising slides or titles. We advise and represent you both in the registration of trademarks and defense of your marks against third parties.



In copyright law, we advise companies, film producers, publishers, galleries and agencies as well as creatives such as filmmakers, photographers, designers, artists, authors, musicians, composers, etc. and business start-ups in the creative sector.

Competition, Trademark, and Copyright laws


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