Every year, assets in billions are inherited. The law of inheritance establishes principles and rules are often unknown and at first glance difficult to be understood. Besides formal errors, ignorance also leads to considerable uncertainties, so that conflicts are preprogrammed and the consequences can, in the worst case, even be the opposite of the desired one.


By knowing and applying the legal regulations, many typical mistakes can be avoided and the desired goals can be achieved more safely. This does not apply to only private assets, such as home ownership or savings. One's own practice, corporation or participation should be protected from falling into the vortex of inheritance disputes. Otherwise, paralysis or financial claims can quickly become a serious threat to the existence of businesses and jobs.


In many cases, the best solution to initiate a smooth succession is to run through certain steps at an early stage and seek expert advice during the lifetime. WITT | Wirtschaftsprüfer, Rechtsanwälte und Steuerberater will provide you with this consultation. The personal ideas of clients are just as important as the complex references and overlaps of the various legal questions, also with regards to the tax related consequences.


In matrimonial and family law, a number of legal questions and problems arise, especially after separation, which can rarely be mastered without expert legal support. From living together, to care for children, to safeguarding livelihoods and old age, and to the treatment of wealth and debts, many things need to be clarified if one wishes to return to "separate paths" both economically and legally. WITT | Wirtschaftsprüfer, Rechtsanwälte und Steuerberater sees our task as the best way to represent and enforce the interests and rights of our clients. The possibility of a comprehensive, consensual regulation of the separation-related legal questions should always be kept in mind as well as to try to work towards an appropriate agreement at every stage of the dispute.


A marriage contract should be considered seriously in order to avoid damage through separation, especially for self-employed persons and entrepreneurs. Here, considerable values could be at risk, which might be needed to compensate the opponent in dissolution of marriage. Intangible assets, such as goodwill, customer or patient stock, are at risk of massive claims that are often unknown, which can ultimately threaten the company as a whole. In contrast, companies with existing debt situation should also be a reason to ensure that the rules are clarified. We will advice you with our full expertise in these fields (also from a tax perspective).

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